The adventure begins

After having people ask me why on earth Mama isn’t blogging yet, I’ve decided to give this whole thing a shot. Those of you who have met me know I am far from being one of those women who is at a loss for words… so here it goes!

Honestly, the main reason I have decided to take the plunge into the land of blogs is that it will give me the opportunity to share more information about Africa, Africans and the issues facing our great continent.

I also think it will meet the request (at long last) of those visitors to the website who miss the days when I was able to post an article per week to Those days are long gone and time restrictions prevent me from adding them as often as I like.

Keep an eye out here though for briefs on the news of the day, answers to questions that people send me and a host of other things to do with Africa.

Make it a place to have yoru morning cup of coffee, enjoy your lunch or take that 10 minute break you need during the day. Above all, contribute your views, ideas and thoughts.

I think that with enough of us focused on the same goal, we can get some wonderful things accomplished!

Away we go…



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