What can one kid do to help Africans live better?

I got an email earlier this week from a little girl in the US asking what a child could do to help in Africa. I tell you it warms my heart everytime I get one of these mails.

I’ve decided to post my reply to her here (removing any identifying information of course). I hope it will inspire other children to get involved too.

Hello T,
Thank you so much for taking time to email me. I am always impressed by children like you who are already interested in helping other children live better lives.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to hear from other kids like you who want to help. Here are a few ideas of projects they started. Maybe this will help you think of something you can do too.

K. in Montreal Canada started a little organization of her own . She started by having a slumber party where she invited lots of her friends and charged them each $5 to come. Her mom made some great snacks and games for them to play and the money was saved. They then started doing little fundraising activities and now donate the money to an orphanage in Uganda.
Mama Afrika works with a wonderful organization in Rwanda which helps orphans from the genocide. To change a girl/woman’s life costs only $25 a month. She will receive the money for one year and that allows her to have a business so she can feed herself and her family for life. We really love this project! Perhaps you could get together with a few friends and try to do bake sales, ask family or friends or some other interesting idea to raise money and you could help in this way? You’ll find more information about this project here:

If you go to the following page on MamaAfrika.com you will find the story of two girls who decided to donate some of their savings and sending school supplies to a school in Ghana.

You can find great items at those stores which sell things at a discount (Dollar Stores, 99 cent stores, etc). These two girls were able to send items like crayons, pencils, art supplies and things for the playground like jump ropes, etc. The children in Ghana were so very happy to receive such things!

If you would like the address of an organization we work with in Africa so that you can send items directly; just let me know. I’m always happy to help children with big hearts like yours.
Again, thank you for caring about my beautiful continent. You are an angel!

Mama Afrika


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