News in Africa:

Minimum Wage Act Has Legalised Slave Wages – ZCTU (Zambia)

Police Torture Wum SDF Chairman (Cameroon)

Villagers Respond to Aids Orphans Crisis (Zimbabwe)

I have to say how much the last article struck me. It speaks volumes to the spirit of Zimbabwe’s people that they are living in such terrible conditions and still manage to reach out to help those suffering with them. I am touched by their willingness to grow food for others when they are never sure what the situation will be from day to day for themselves.

May God bring peace to their nation soon. Dictatorships rarely produce anything positive for the citizens of the countries that they hold hostage. I hope that the average citizen in Zimbabwe soon has the right to speak his opinions without fear, to provide for his family and to flourish in a way that they deserve. After all, history shows us they are ever-so-capable!



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