Ethiopians held as slaves in the Middle East

At long last! The west is taking a look at the issue of slavery and human trafficking in the Middle East. It has always bothered me that in the hope of being politically correct; many have turned their heads where this issue is concerned so as not to offend Arabs. Between this issue in the Horn of Africa and the way that blacks and Christians are being slaughtered in Sudan… it makes me wonder why noone is drawing any comparisons?

The worst is that Christian and Muslim Ethiopians have been living in side by side for generations despite religious differences. It is this which leads Ethiopians to trust that they will not be persecuted, tortured or sexually abused when they take jobs in places like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc. After all, they have never known a Muslim to hate them simply because they are Christian. They’ve had Muslim friends and neighbors their whole lives.

I can hardly imagine that if these same black faces were being held against their will in countries like the United States or Germany that people would do anything but jump on the offenders and their nations for allowing it.

I read a book recently concerning slavery in the diplomatic field, this book discussed Europe primarily and France specifically. But other than the sensational news story when a girl is found in horrible living conditions once every few years in the home of some ambassador or other… it is largely ignored.

My sincere hope is that this story will be shared and discussed. I also applaud not only the woman who was daring enough to share her story; but the Ethiopian government for taking her story to the average Ethiopian who might be considering making the same journey.

Now let us all help this part of the world develop so that they can find a means to provide for themselves while remaining in their country.

Here is a link to the original story: Ethiopian tells of migrant ordeal (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

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