Sharing one of my favorites

I have owned this book for a couple of years now. It has become one of those favorites that I love to look through while sipping a cup of Zimbabwean fair trade coffee (my piece of heaven on Earth). I’ve read it through a few times now; but I also love peeking into the world of Black women, many of them African. I enjoy meeting them where they live, so to speak. I have always enjoyed the sheer style that so many Black women put into their coifs. The guts and glory that are involved with an extremely ornate hairstyle. You know, one of those styles that is right out of the runway’s highest fashion shows… yet it is just an “average” girl wearing it; because she is determined to be noticed, appreciated… understood.

This book is one of my favorite reads. I’ve offered it to some of my closest friends and I’d like to do the same for some of you.

I happen to have a few copies to share with friends, old and new. I’ll be selecting one new reader a week and mailing out a new copy of the book. Why? Because I love the book and because I appreciate my new followers. So, starting today (Wednesday, March 10, 2010) just  Follow Mama on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog here and you’ll be entered automatically in the weekly drawing. Each week, I’ll randomly select someone from our new follower’s list and send you a free copy of the book to enjoy.*  Its that simple.

One book per week, for 4 weeks.  Life is about sharing joy with others when we can. I can, so I will 🙂

OK, now let’s get back to discussing issues that are facing those African women…

*Winners will be notified through the method they entered (Twitter, Facebook or this blog) on the Tuesday of the drawing. They will have 48 hours to contact me with their mailing address and contact information. Anyone who doesn’t provide their mailing address within the 48 hour deadline will forfeit their copy and I’ll draw another name. If you are already following Mama, just refer a friend and have them tell Mama (via message, tweet or a comment here on the blog) who sent them; and you’ll both be entered!


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