Couscous, a North African staple

The thing I love about couscous is that, like pasta, it is so flexible! Yesterday, it was used in a four ingredient, vegetarian dinner that I think you’ll enjoy either hot or cold.
Here is the proof:

North Africans love couscous and so do I!

I know a lot of people look at couscous and think that they need to have an exotic recipe from some far away land in order to buy it at the store. For many, because it is a type of food that they’ve only vaguely heard of or seen once in television cooking show featuring Moroccan food,  it intimidates them.

I’d like to remove the mystique for you. When one of my children asked me what it was, I described it this way “Its pastina’s cousin.”  She looked at it and thought of “pastina” (literally “tiny pasta” that we use in Eritrea to make for babies or toddlers at home, topped with butter… yes, there is that Italian influence  in Eritrean cooking again!).


3 thoughts on “Couscous, a North African staple

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  2. This is such a simple recipe and it stirs the imagination. I have never cooked couscous from scratch. Now I am conjuring up other possibilities for this staple food. In North Africa do they ever use other dried fruit such as figs, apricots, or dates? I wonder how it would taste with sweet finely chopped red onion, cilantro and diced fig. This could be very great fun to experiment with in the kitchen.

  3. Yes, I’ve heard of couscous being prepared with all of the fruit you mentioned. I’ve tried it with dates and figs (loved it both ways!).

    I am sure that your recipe idea will be delicious. Be sure to stop by after making it to tell us how it turns out!


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