Mama Afrika’s Round Table 2011

After a great year of dialog with some fascinating guests like Freweini Ghebresadick,  Tendai Joe, Josef Scarantino and Nigel Mugamu; I am really looking forward to a great year ahead at Mama’s Round Table!  I have a dream list of some captivating and influential people that I am hoping will accept my invitation to meet with us here.  Wish me luck!

A big thank you to last year’s guests!  They are much appreciated and I think we’d agree that they’ve opened our eyes to some interesting issues including tech, aid, human rights and the role of the Diaspora in rebuilding Africa.  Thanks to your input, through comments on the blog, we’ve been able to have civilized, respectful dialog on a host of issues and I hope that you’ll stay with me (and maybe even invite a friend or two to join you) as we continue down the path of dialog.

I want Mama Afrika’s World to be a world like no other: a world where you and I can feel safe to talk about ALL things facing Africa and Africans.

In a world where things have gotten more and more politically correct (my two least favorite letters are now P and C because of it!)… Welcome to a safe space to come and dialog:  Mama Afrika’s Round Table.

This year, I’ll invite people to come and sit with me to talk.  I will be inviting “experts” from time to time; but all in all, I want this to be a place of equals: you and me.

Dialog is what has been lost in recent times.  We communicate with less than 140 characters on Twitter, the political scene is more and more divisive regardless of what country you live in, name-calling and accusations have become substitutes for honest disagreement or fair and open discussion.  To this, I say “STOP!”  Let’s take the time to listen, form our own opinions and share them politely and with respect.

If you are interested in the usual “anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot!” kind of thing… there are thousands of blogs, organizations and places you should be instead.  Leave now… and take your attitude with you.  It simply isn’t welcome in Mama’s house, or at my table.

If you would like to discuss anything here or if you have a guest that you’d like Mama to invite to the Round Table; please leave a comment here or contact Mama on Twitter  or via email.  Either way works just fine.  I’m open to any subject, whether it is my specialty or not.  I love to learn; not just teach.

OK, grab your favorite cup of African fair trade coffee, some Red Bush tea, or maybe a glass of red wine… and let’s start talking!

** ALL interviews conducted at Mama’s Round Table are posted unedited.  I NEVER alter answers given to my interview questions. To do so would violate the principle that dialog at this table remains open and honest. Occasionally, slight grammatical errors may be corrected; but only with the interviewee’s permission.

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