A Twist on an Already Fabulous Chocolate

No chocolate makes me happier to work with than Omanhene! It’s delicious, ethically traded and 100% made in Ghana from bean to bar… what’s not to love?  I must say I enjoyed taking a quick break to challenge myself to improve an already wonderful chocolate and creating this little gem of a dark chocolate bark*.  It only took a few minutes to make.  I love each of these ingredients on their own and I can tell you that they work together like some of the best a cappella music groups in South Africa… heavenly!

It’s as simple as counting to five:

  1. Melt your choice of Omanhene 80% dark or 48% dark-milk chocolate and pour on a lined shallow pan (I just put a silicone mat down first)
  2. Toast pistachios, hazelnuts pine nuts– or whatever nuts you have on hand– then sprinkle on top of melted chocolate (let them cool first). Tap to ensure it sets into the chocolate.
  3. Let chocolate set until its no longer shiny (15-20 min.)
  4. Sprinkle fleur de sel or other rock salt on top (I used pink Himalayan salt)
  5. Enjoy!

Quick and healthy dark chocolate bark

*Adapted from a recipe in Chocolate Obsession, by M. Recchiuti and F. Gage

3 thoughts on “A Twist on an Already Fabulous Chocolate

  1. Absolutely terrific recipe. My mouth is watering just reading it. I do have a question. Where do you buy the pink salt you suggested?

  2. I found my pink Himalayan salt- for just a couple of dollars- locally at a Trader Joe’s Market.

    But, any sea salt would work great too honestly. Just try to use the kind you can put in (or that already comes in) a grinder. This will ensure you can get a coarser grind.

    Regular table salt, I’m afraid, simply won’t do it the bark justice. Luckily, the others aren’t expensive at all 🙂

    Bon appétit!

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