Via Sir Nigel: Operation of Hope offers free cleft surgeries-29 July

I’m sure that many of you know how much I like stopping over at Nigel’s blog to see what he’s up to in Zimbabwe.  Here is something I just had to share with you.  If you know anyone who could benefit from the good work that Operation of Hope will be doing in Harare this summer… be sure to spread the word!


Dear Friends:

Please help us get the word out to anyone (regardless of age) that is in need of free cleft surgery-

Cleft palate: hole in the roof of the mouth
Cleft lip: slit at the lip

Operation of Hope is a 23 year old foundation and has performed more than 3,000 free surgeries in people in need. Consisting of all volunteers, this surgical team has been in Zimbabwe since 2006 and has performed more than 550 free surgeries at NO cost to the patient and their families.

If you know of someone in need of cleft surgery, please bring have them bring all pertaining medical records on Screening Day, Sunday, July 29th, 2012 by 8:30 am to Harare Central Hospital- (paeds ward)
Please contact Jennifer Trubenbach, President of Operation of Hope if you have questions and/or concerns.

Warmest regards,


Nige, thanks again for always taking the time to share good news with us.

And to the folks at Operation of Hope: THANK you for your good works in Africa!




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