Here is a blog post from an African friend who is simply put a talented and adventurous cook and a great lady to know. If you’d like to enjoy her vegan/vegetarian recipes this Lent… here is where you can find her:

My Burnt Orange

2012-12-16 10.22.43



After enjoying a lovely fat Tuesday evening with friends, Lent is upon us. What is Lent? Without going into too much detail, it is the 40 day period that leads up to Easter. During this time, people may choose to forgo something that means a lot to them, whether it is some type of food, a favourite TV show, blogging (never!), Facebook (Lord have mercy!) and so on. I do not remember the last time I took part in forgoing anything for Lent, but this year, I have decided to give up meat.

Yes, meat. But look on the brighter side, I have a lot of vegetarian dishes to discover and share, and if you have been keeping up to date with my Facebook page, you would have had a sneak preview of my meal trials. For me though, it is not just about INDULGING in vegetarian food…

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