If you would like to learn more about Africa, you’ve come to the right place. 

I am the owner and head Mama at MamaAfrika.com Mama Afrika sells fair trade art, crafts and foods which are made in Africa by women’s cooperatives. Fair trade means more than fair wages. It means safe working conditions, investment in local communities, building schools, water wells and women controlling their own futures. One of the other things we do at Mama Afrika is education about Africa.  This blog will feature discussions about African art, traditions, customs and cultures.  My hope is to create a space where we can have interesting dialogs about “all things African”.   Feel free to join in!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sadly the vast majority of Westerners tend to view African art as trinkets, curios and ubiquitous stone carvings of stylized wildlife.

    At our site we have attempted to weed these out and present what, in our opinion anyway, is fine art. We feel these artists, many of whom are from Zimbabwe and other poorer countries, deserve wider exposure.

  2. You make me to do more I like your work very nice . I live In Oslo Norway have an afican shop which is calld Africanmarket I have also good contact with fair trade oslo. I like to say again your work is fantastic keep on it. I do have web site now
    http://www.africanmarket.no. I am happy to be your partener in Norway.

  3. Selam, thank you for the valuable service you are rendering to the Afrian diaspora. I read a blogg post in you mama africa an Eritrean tale ‘ bout flies and spiders’. Can you please inform me about the origion of that Tale? Where did you hear about it/ read it? Which Eritrean ethnic goupe does it come from? I would really appreciate any related information. I am researching on folktales which as respecting animals as their theme. Thank you in advance.

    • Selam Nazret.

      The Eritrean tale that you are referring to is one that I heard in my family, who are Tigrinya, from the Hamasien area (near Asmara). I too, love folktales from around the world, especially those which include animals as their theme. It has always been so interesting to me to see how much overlap there is in stories from different cultures around the globe! Feel free to post a link to your work when you finish it.


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