Honest Scrap Award, wow!

Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

Seems Michelle Masters has nominated me for an Honest Scrap Award. Like you, I asked myself “What the heck is that?!” After some research I learned that it is an award that bloggers nominate one another for. Most often, when they find a blogger puts their heart and soul into their blog. I’m really honored Michelle, thanks!

So now, in spirit of the award; it’s up to me to tell you 10 things that you might not otherwise know about me. Here’s my “honest scrap”:

1. I love dark chocolate in all its forms… and the darker the chocolate the better. I’m one of those nuts you hear about that actually enjoys 70% or 80% dark chocolate! I love making truffles with it, having a small square with coffee. Love, love, love it! (Only fair trade though, of course! 😉

2. I believe in people. I know they are able of killing, committing atrocities and abusing each other. But I also know that they are able to save a stranger, donate their time to children, teach adults to read and select sustainable products because they know it helps someone else live better.

3. I really like architecture.

4. I love God. And for some absurd reason, I hear He loves me back. I hardly deserve it most days; but He just keeps on loving me anyway.

5. I am always ready to laugh. Life is too serious to not laugh.

6. My favorite museum to date is the Dapper (Musée Dapper) in Paris. It’s small; but does a wonderful job of sharing information about the exhibits. I encourage you to go if ever you are in the area. You’ll learn a lot about African art and culture there trust me!

7. When I was a kid, I was sledding for the first time and landed myself in a little creek (ICE cold!) because I didn’t know how to steer the sled well enough. Missed the whole sledding trip since I spent it in the kitchen of a really nice German lady at the only inn for miles. She made me hot cocoa, brought me cookies and told me that although it looked fun through the window, I was better off being indoors wrapped in my giant towel sitting by the kitchen fire while my clothes dried. I’ll never forget her face. Vielen Dank, Madame! (…wherever you are).

8. I was a bodybuilder.

9. I’ve rappelled down a mountain and loved it.

10. Most of my favorite foods start with: olive oil, garlic and onion…

And, in the tradition of the award, I’ll tell you about 7 other bloggers that I’d like to nominate for the Honest Scrap Award. These are blogs that I, even with my busy schedule, go to regularly. I think you’ll find that they love what they blog about, just as I love discussing African people, cultures and art. You might just find that although they aren’t directly related to what I do (not all of them anyway); they have a lot to offer! I’ve given you a hint as to what I love best about each one… enjoy!

1. Robin Locker of My Melange Her blog is straight from the heart, if you love Italy or France; you HAVE to stop by her blog! Great photos, great information on traveling on a budget (What smart girl doesn’t like a bargain, right?)

2. Clement Nyirenda’s Blog world. A blog about the role of technology in the fight against poverty in Africa.  From Malawi, but based in Japan, his is a blog I think you’ll like.

3. Miss Expatria is living the dream, sharing her time between Montpellier, France and Rome, Italy… poor girl! *laugh* She’s got a way of describing her travels that makes you feel like you’re on vacation with her. If you want to see and read about Europe’s hidden treasures, she’s your gal!

4. Margaret F, over at Italian American Girl is a woman who is passionate about all things (Italian and) Italian-American: family, culture, food, events and travel. You’re sure to love her as much as I do!

5. Elaine, of GourmetGirlMagazine is a food lover at heart.  When I hear the term “foodie”, I think of her.  Her blog is a nice place to get recipes, read interviews with top chefs and she definitely pours her heart into her writing.  Pop by her blog when you get a chance!

6. Jennifer, has a cheese-lover’s paradise at ChezLoulou She is living in the gorgeous Languedoc region of the south of France and blogs about one of my favorite foods: cheese! A must see blog for foodies, travelers, francophiles or people who like to impress their friends with detailed information about rare delectable French artisan cheeses… and the photos!

(Others will be added as soon as I receive their permission to list their blogs. Check back daily until you find all 7, they’ll be worth it, promise!)

Mama Afrika named November’s Mompreneur ® of the Month!! Yippeeeee!!

I was recently interviewed by Ellen Parlapiano, one of the co-founders of a wonderful website called Mompreneursonline.com.  This site is geared towards helping mothers who work from home.  They offer some great advice on how to get started, marketing, etc… It has been a fun and informative site for years and Pat and Ellen are two stand-up gals!

The interview can be found here: http://bit.ly/4rM7P3 And for those of you wondering how Mama Afrika was started or who I am; this is a really well written article and I think it covers lots of the basics.  So, enjoy!

Thank you  so much for the recognition!!!