Mama’s Round Table

This Round Table is a place of open, honest dialog. I want Mama Afrika’s World to be a world like no other: a world where you and I can feel safe to talk about ALL things facing Afrca and Africans.

In a world where things have gotten more and more politically correct (my two least favorite letters are now P and C because of it!)… welcome to a safe space to come and dialog:  Mama Afrika’s Round Table.

We have already had some interesting guests at the Table and I promise to continue to invite people to come and sit with me to talk.  I will be inviting “experts” from time to time; but all in all, I want this to be a place of equals: you and me.

Dialog is what has been lost in recent times.  We communicate with less than 140 characters on Twitter, the political scene is more and more divisive regardless of what country you live in, name-calling and accusations have become substitutes for honest disagreement or fair and open discussion.  To this, I say “STOP!”  Let’s take the time to listen, form our own opinions and share them politely and with respect.

If you are interested in the usual “Anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot!”  kind of thing… there are thousands of blogs, organizations and places you should be instead.  Leave now… and take your attitude with you.  It simply isn’t welcome in Mama’s house, or at my table.

If you would like to discuss anything here, leave a comment or suggest a subject via email.  Either way works just fine.  I’m open to any subject, whether it is my specialty or not.  I’d like to learn; not just teach.

Ok, grab your favorite cup of fair trade coffee or tea, or maybe a glass of red wine… and lets start talking!

One thought on “Mama’s Round Table

  1. If you are interested in reading the discussions I’ve had so far (with some GREAT guests!); just scroll down, look for the “Categories” section and click on the words “Mama’s Round Table”.

    There you’ll find some great talks about technology in Africa, the role of youth, corruption, the role of aid in development, and much much more…

    Join us in the discussion! YOUR views are always welcome. Dialog is the first step…

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