A few times a week, I receive emails from people across the globe. The questions are as diverse as the people asking them; but they have one thing in common: they are about Africa.

School children write to ask why Africans are poor or what children in Ghana eat for dinner. Women ask me the safest African country to visit alone or what they can do to support a woman in Rwanda so that she too can feed her children. Some people ask about investing in African companies or how their church can do a fundraiser to support a sister church in Kenya.

The questions are varied, that is for sure. But the other day I started to think that posting the answers to some of the questions I receive might be a fun thing to do. It’s like teachers say to their students: “Ask the question and know you aren’t wasting my time because there is certainly someone else in the class who is wondering the same thing.

So please feel free to ask your questions concerning Africa, Africans and issues relavent to the African continent. I am far from a “know it all”; but I’ll try to answer most of them depending on my time constraints. And when I can’t answer directly, I’ll try to point you in the right direction to find the right answer or solution.

Please note though that any inappropriate questions or abusive posts will be deleted immediately.

OK, now its up to you…


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